Josh Larson

Josh is principal of Larson Shores, which he co-founded with Carrie in 2007. A native of Texas, Josh earned a Bachelor in Environmental Design from Texas A&M and later moved to California to obtain a Masters in Architecture from UC Berkeley, where he was honored with the Branner Travelling Fellowship, which allowed him to travel the world studying a full volume of historic and modern buildings in three dimensions. While Josh is a licensed architect, his background before founding Larson Shores was in construction, and was previously the project estimator and project manager for Redhorse Constructors, Inc. in San Rafael. He understands that well-designed homes not only have to be beautiful, but inspiring and entirely yours. He is known amongst his clients for being an empathetic listener to their design goals, merging their vision with his design sensibilities into a plan that all parties love; when asked what his favorite material is to work with, he has said, “light and shadow.”

When he is not working, Josh enjoys spending time with his partner, his dog, and his friends. He is a student meditator and is fascinated by foreign countries, which he tries to visit any chance he can get.          


Carrie Shores

Carrie is principal of Larson Shores. She is licensed and has worked extensively in both California and Maine, where at the beginning of her career she was recognized as one of Design New England’s “up and coming architects who will change New England.” Since moving to California, Carrie received a Masters in Architecture at UC Berkeley, where she met her business partner Josh. Carrie is a gifted floor plan designer and is always thinking up new, creative ways to work with existing and potential space in her client’s properties. She is acclaimed amongst her clients for her advocacy on their behalf and the dedication with which she provides excellent service and a personal touch. Carrie didn’t always want to be an architect; when she was a child growing up in Sarasota, Florida she wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon, because whenever she broke a bone, it always seemed that the local orthopedist was off travelling somewhere, something Carrie herself has always loved doing. Her latest trip was to Peru and she hopes to go to India next.  She has recently discovered a love of gardening in her new home, where she is planning to remodel her own kitchen–a first for her despite having designed countless kitchens for her clients–to make it a place where she can fully express her passion for fine cooking. One of her favorite ways to spend a day is by going to the farmer’s market with friends, and afterwards making a gourmet meal for them in her own home. See what Carrie is following on Pinterest!


Robin Page

Robin is a Designer and Drafter. She holds a BFA in Printmaking and Minor in Art History from the Maryland Institute College of Art and has completed classes in the Architecture Department at Laney College in Oakland. Originally from Maryland, her interest in architecture stems from her natural drafting and technical drawing skills, as well as her fascination with structural details and sustainable design. 

During her free time, Robin goes on hikes and local adventures with her friends, reads and draws. She enjoys drawing portraits from life and media for both fun and commissioned work, and is currently developing basic coding skills.


Evren Vural

Evren is a Designer at Larson Shores. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering from The Istanbul Technical University by completing a double major program. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Urban Design from The Bernard and Anne Spitzer School of Architecture, at City College in New York. He has a natural talent for designing plan layouts and a contemporary vision, which aim to liberate people in space. He received the Rachel Carson award during Graduate School for his use of sustainable ecological design. 

After transplanting from East Coast to West Coast, Evren worked in a couple of architecture firms in San Francisco and the East Bay area, where he gained both residential and commercial projects experience.

During his free time, Evren enjoys jogging with his running group in Golden Gate Park, trying new and trendy restaurants locally, experiencing pop-up kitchens, constantly spending many hours on Pinterest if he has something in his mind, and of course traveling. 


Natalie Steinebrunner

Natalie works as an Interior Designer at Larson Shores. She completed the Interior Design and Interior Architecture program through UC Berkeley Extension. Prior to that, she received a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art from Maryland Institute College of Art. Natalie specializes in selecting materials/finishes, textiles and custom artwork. She loves a good hunt shopping for the perfect tile or lighting for our clients.

Outside of the office, you can find Natalie soaking in the outdoors hiking with her husband and two dogs, or pinning away her fantasy home.


Alexis Wachtel

Alexis is our office manager here at Larson Shores. She holds a Masters in Architecture from UC Berkeley and plays a vital role in our operations and finances which help the business run and deserves recognition as her contribution usually goes unseen by our clients. Although she does not handle the design directly, she thrives on the creative environment in the office and loves being a part of the process.

She has three children and a stepdaughter between ages five and twenty who keep her busy when she’s not at work, but when she does have free time she enjoys yoga, dancing, and redesigning her house with her husband. She enjoys baking, so much so that she says if she was born an early morning person she might have been a professional baker.